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Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Who are you?

That is not an easy question! I have done so many things and been involved in so many projects over the years that trying to define anything about myself ends up being overly verbose. I am formally trained in theoretical physics, mathematics, computer programming, and engineering. Over the years I have worked as a teaching assistant and lab instructor, as a physics research assistant, as a computer programmer, as a computer technician, and countless other jobs. I have published a few books over the years, on topics ranging from a dictionary of obscure words to a printed version of my doctoral dissertation in particle physics and cosmology. I have designed and maintained websites on physics, mathematics, art & photography, dictionaries, and genealogy. I have programmed and published a handful of software as well, including course scheduling software, assorted screensavers, mathematics demonstrations and visualization programs, and about a dozen video games. How can I reduce all of that into a few lines of About Me?

  1. Is everything here created by you?

Aside from a few widgets which are publicly available everything on my websites is of my own creation. (Although some of the older photos I scanned and restored, but didn't take myself). I do all of the artwork and programming myself.

  1. Why the complicated page of terms and conditions?

​Unfortunately there are a few inconsiderate clods who have abused my websites over the years, and so I was forced to add some legal stuff to them. (For example, I get a lot of people pirating my dictionary and taking credit, in spite of it being free already). But the truth is that over 99% of my viewers will never have to concern themselves with it, so don't waste too much time worrying about it. If you don't cause me trouble, then it probably doesn't apply to you anyway.

  1. Why were so many pages suddenly removed or password protected?

Unfortunately in November 2011 I discovered that someone had hacked in and edited several pages in my website. So because of that I have removed some of the targeted pages to a more secure location, and password protected others. Most of the information is available upon request, but due to this incident I am no longer making it publicly accessible.

  1. Can I be your Facebook friend?

That depends on who you are. In an ideal world I would love to discuss physics and mathematics and robotics and all of my interests with anyone of a like mind. Unfortunately because of security issues I am now forced to limit my friends on Facebook to those that I have met in person or who have a verifiable background. If we went to school together, or have a family connection, or if you work in the same academic fields then I will certainly accept a friendship request. But if not, then I regret that I can't really connect with strangers anymore.

  1. Can I advertise on your website?

I am always open to requests and suggestions, but most likely not. I maintain my pages just for my own interests and hobbies, and they are really not meant as a commercial venture. Having said that, if you have a product that I like or a webpage that I enjoy then I will certainly consider it. (And of course anyone who advertises using blog comments will have the offending message deleted immediately)

  1. Why can't I leave comments on your blog?

I used to have a comment system in place for my blogs and other pages, but as with so much of the modern internet it was being abused and therefore I was forced to disable it. Certain people were using the comments section of my blogs to post everything from spam advertising to personal attacks on other people. Since I lack to time and patience to moderate the trolls, I made the decision to end the commenting option permanently.

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